by tidelands

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released July 26, 2011

All songs written, arranged, and performed by tidelands (Gabriel Leis and Mie Araki). Words by Gabriel Leis.

Orchestral arrangements (tracks 1,3,6,7) by Minna Choi; Performed by Magik*Magik Orchestra. M*MO is Philip Brezina, Jory Fankuchen, Ivo Bokulic, Michelle Kwon, Jeff Anderle, Lindsay Brown, Ari Micich, Brendan Lai-Tong, Hailey Johnson, Sophia Santulli, and Julie Goldapp. Trumpet and glockenspiel (tracks 3,9) by Ara Anderson. Cello (tracks 2,4) by Sam Bass. Bass guitar (tracks 1,3) by Nils Erikson.

Recorded and mixed by Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone and Decibelle. Loops recorded by Mark Pistel at Room 5. Mastering by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering. Photographs by Summer Makovkin. Design and layout by Chie.



all rights reserved


tidelands San Francisco, California

Tidelands is the musical collaboration between songwriter / guitar and flugelhorn player Gabriel Montana Leis and drummer / keyboardist Mie Araki. Sharp poignant songs with poetic lyrics are uniquely arranged with looped guitars and vocals, glorious horns, Moog synth bass lines, and boy / girl harmonies. ... more

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Track Name: Holiday
I’m so tired of feeding all these people
I need a holiday
The working hours are never equal
To those I get to play

On holiday, holiday, holiday

Relax and fit in to the morning
It’s such a special light
Make love all afternoon and evening
And laugh all through the night

On holiday, holiday, holiday
Track Name: Eyes of God
Skies a dark machine
Full of poison steam
When it rains we see
The flowers wither from the breath
Of generations left
A pile of garbage seen from infinity

Overlords will be
Run amok with greed
Pulling puppet strings
Placing voodoo pins into our throats
A pair of sevens thrown
Out of luck and time
So see the eyes of God

Holy faith will rot
The supermarkets stock
Once the leaves are gone
So well all must go our separate ways
The pope and those who pray
Separated by the knowing eyes of god

Hark! Upon the naked rise
A fire burning bright
Revolt has started

Oh in the water, in the rocks and in the spring
Flows a truth everlasting, never want for anything
Seized by the gods in a lust filled delight
While the stars ever turn up above mark our flight
See the divine in the night sky
Not some over-crowded book

Seized by the gods in a lust filled delight
While the stars ever turn up above mark our flight
See the divine in the night sky
See the divine in each others eyes
Track Name: Letter to a Young Soldier I Love
Won’t you lay your arms down, come back and hold on to me
I promise love and sympathy

Deny the stripes for they will impose on you
You know they take away your right to choose
Put away your armor, your strength we’ll need back home
Your bravery both honored and absolved

We’ll have two children named Isis and Sam
He’ll play guitar and she will dance

It’s not your war
Leave those poor folks alone
It’s not your war
Leave it and come back
It’s not your war
Won’t you leave those poor folks alone
It’s not your war
Leave it and come back home

I’ll see you clear through this
I know that believing is the hardest part
You do not owe me
I’ll be there when you need
A friend to cry with on the lonely nights
You do not owe me
I do it freely
I do it for you
Track Name: Sixes and Sevens
Who’s the right one in this war of wits?
Headed downtown with a rose clenched between her teeth so….
Everyone can see we’ve had a row
There’s a tell-tale wrinkle to her clothes
Two bleeding hearts wearing thin their lost desires
On one sleeve

Hold your right hand up high like this
Place your left hand so softly on her hips and…
Feel the music come in to your soul
Let it get inside and take control
Let it fall like water down along your spine
As we kissssssss

Be my holy overnight supply
Decide, and then act!
Track Name: The Ship
she who sleeps beside me trapped by motion silenced
dashed up the rocky shore
sent from sunken ships a Cytherean myth
of love borne from the foam and coral
as lovers quarrel the angels sing
for the last time get a hold of she

clouds form thick the salted heavens drip
upon the maps with which we plot our course
an oceanic lust prevails along the cusp
of dying winds yet stronger oars
as nighttime falls the angels sing
for the love of gods get a hold of she
as my water falls and your mountains rise
as the gifts are dispensed with an ironic smile

all good love is a back and forth
you trim your sails to make room for hers
it’s the light from her lamp on the shore
that guides my ship through these storms
in the holy afterlife our sciences combine, our sciences combine
until we break

oh the hard times of a soul in doubt
till the storm that is wrought brings a truth so devout
under hardened skeins, above nighttime cries
a love won and lost is worth two never tried
to never try, as such goodbye
Track Name: Marigolds
Oh my love
Upon the sea
A boy was born to you and me

Write a funny tale my father did
If he could find his way then I sure can
Upon this lonely ship my wife and friends
As we set sail

A broken little boat of reeds and sticks
Powered by the winds of love professed
Leaking in the spots we all possess
As to fail

Force and time is all we need
Then from the ash a diamond ring

Scenes like molten stones
Burned in to our hearts
Memories let’s now recall
The day I wrapped my fingers around yours

Clouds arrive / depart on time
The golden watch descends for night
A rosy toast, our guests we host
In marigolds we wed