We've Got A Map

by tidelands

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The sophomore release from San Francisco duo Tidelands sees them reunite with Magik*Magik Orchestra, and continue to hone their brand of "orchestral indie".


released August 7, 2012

all songs written, arranged, and performed by gabriel leis and mie araki
except track 7; produced and arranged by minna choi. performed by minna choi, tidelands, and magik*magik orchestra. additional vocals on track 2 by gavin hayes and terese taylor.
words by gabriel leis.
string arrangements (tracks 1, 6, 7) by minna choi, performed by magik*magik orchestra. m*mo is stephanie bibbo – violin,
ari lipchick – violin, ivo bokulic – viola, and annie suda - cello.
recorded and mixed by ian pellicci at tiny telephone studios, sf. mastered by roger seibel at sae mastering. cover photo by jonas lara. original artwork and design by chie.



all rights reserved


tidelands San Francisco, California

Tidelands is the musical collaboration between songwriter / guitar and flugelhorn player Gabriel Montana Leis and drummer / keyboardist Mie Araki. Sharp poignant songs with poetic lyrics are uniquely arranged with looped guitars and vocals, glorious horns, Moog synth bass lines, and boy / girl harmonies. ... more

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Track Name: Coil
Need it, want it, love it, be the Coil
The beat arrives
Chance and magic, the force that feeds us all
The beat arrives
You know we’re part of something extra-ordinairre
You see it in the smiles of those who share

Follow brothers, wives and mothers
The beat arrives
Joys and sorrows, bent and borrowed hearts, heed the call
As the beat arrives
The sky will fall the sun will radiate your golden face
As we’re rising high above on waves of extraordinary grace

En garde, touché, let’s fight
With our words and guitars it makes no mind
All bark and no bite, is the sign or the lie we can’t abide
Track Name: The New Black
Tongue-tied while I’m perceiving
The evil eye as it watches me
Spend and burn
Like I’m this months’ style worn by last months’ girl

I won’t try to hide it
I’m here to confess I’ve been acquired
Like everyone else you see
By blood and dust and sin and ruin

Oh, if you’ve got a lie well I’m buying
Haven’t you heard the new black is denial?

Twist on the knife all you husbands and wives
Cold is the gun that we give to our sons

The evening will come when the bough will break
And the baby falls naked in the ice-cold lake
As mother screams “I told you so”
We’ll pay our debts by growing old alone

That’s right,
Haven’t you heard the new black is not trying?

Twist on the knife all you husbands and wives
Cold is the gun that we give to our sons
To rape the world for our reward
Track Name: Rock Bottom
Rock bottom
Rock bottom calls me
Rock bottom
Rock bottom calls me towards it’s broken fence
Our lives for which there is no recompense
While soldiers die for so much less
Forget the past, forgive myself

Rock bottom
Rock bottom calls out to me
Rock bottom
Rock bottom whispers you’re just ash in the wind
This act commits the five poetic sins
We’ve reached our mark so let’s stop trying
We’ve dug this hole, so let’s now lie in it
Track Name: Sexy Fox
when i come back home i need some love
a little freaky time like i deserve
might be too hard, might fall too fast
just take it slow we'll make it last

don't get a coke don't take a chair
everything we need we've got right here
it's in my pants it's in your skirt
it's in our minds all filled with dirt

gimme all your loving all today
all the tears we shed no washed away
let me pet your fur you sexy fox
show me where you hide your magic box

everything we lost will be replaced (everything we lost...)
we've paid the cost now let's embrace
each others arms each soft caress
until we're lost in endlessness
Track Name: Japan
I’m reminded there’s a shadow moving
Eating at the edge of each denial
Shocks then after, waves, disaster
Even a bear reaches out for help
There’s nobody there
Just miles of waste / nuclear rain
Trash made of what once was precious

I’m divided both fear and anger
Each from a source of course to be believed
High brow banter, experts counter
The images fill in the words they cannot
Lost in a flood, but burned in our conscience
We can’t go back, it won’t be the same
We can’t go back, never again
We can’t go back, and greed is the one to blame

今 夢に見る あの青い海 
変わらない毎日は もう おとぎ話
目に見える この手で触れる
現実という名の ここは悪夢
空も海も山も 人も想いも消えて
ただここにあるのは 自分と明日だけ
we can't go back, and greed is the one to blame
Track Name: Toaster
Oh… When I settle down, it will be right
When I settle down, it will be for all time
Cuz that’s just what I’m like…

Hold me close, now even closer
This love is not a game
All my life I’ve been the toaster
I want to be the toast

Tend her rose with rolling ciphers
The flesh from whence we came
The sacred road to life eternal
Is right between your legs

Some get wise, others older
It’s not just one and the same
With tired eyes and dogs a barking
I stumble to your bed

Oh… When I settle down, it will be right
When I settle down, it will be for all time
Cuz that’s just what I’m like…
Track Name: Twin Lakes
Hark, on o’er yonder mountain
There is a fire, and it is coming towards us
Gather your coat and blanket, I’ll saddle the horse and we’ll ride
Through the night under the stars
On our flight

Once, maybe twice in a lifetime
You’re given the choice to run or to stay and fight
I’ll take the road that’s lonely and dark but we’re alive
And we’ll rise, another start, another town

Love, in our time
We’ve seen wars; the guns and tanks arrived, goodbye
To all we’ve ever known

Now, as we are so much older
We’ve got a son, and isn’t that what we did it all for

Love, in our time
We’ve seen wars, the guns and the tanks
The Holy Rollers and their armies
Have come to take away and play their evil games, hooray!
Track Name: Half A Century
Lets turn the tide from ebb to flowing back in to our minds
We’ll wax the moon that’s waning grab the stars and steal their light
And all the walls will fall, the golden road appears
We’ve got a map so come along and laugh
It’s only life

We’ll build / decay, replicate DNA so all’s not lost
I’ll write a song to heal the broken hearts, both theirs and ours
Let’s light the fire that burns when we are gone
What turns a frozen night into a sing-along?
It’s only life